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I'm asking something!

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What the heck is going on here ?

Anyone got pleased with the new frontend stuff ?

What do you think ?

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Hi King,
sad that you got such a poor response. There were some big comment threads and I guess they took all attention.

I have downloaded your Zdoom frontend, but still have to grab the MSNBVM60.DLL from somewhere. Seems to have to do with Visual Basic?

Especially your Wad factory plugin is most interesting !!!


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Thanks a bunch, guys !!!

I feel much better today, I've also replaced the announcement with a friendlier one ;-)

To Peter: All DLL's and OCX's are available on my site...
(Just look at the top of the download site)

There's also a new build out today (85). It has a cool new feature: DFL (Doom File Lists). They should make life easier.

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