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Zeratul 982

Legacy help

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In Doom Legacy, some midis are played off-sync, meaning that some instruments playing are either way ahead or behind in the sequence. How do I fix this?

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...Unlike some of the TNT midis, which seem to work the opposite way. Some sound better while playing through Wintex while in mus format than through Winamp or Media Player while in midi format. (Example: TNT map14)

On "1killtng.wad" there seems to be a corrected version of it. Corrected until converted back to midi format that is. It sounds good through ZDoom, but with Legacy and it's mus problem...well, you know. Map02 is just horrible unless if played through Wintex. It has that damn volume problem.

But that's off the subject. I just thought I'd bring it up.

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