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DOOM Trivia.

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During most evenings here on the east coast, TonicBH takes his trusty trivia bot and bag full of trivia questions people submit him and hosts DOOM trivia. However, there are currently very few people that participate. Please support this community activity. Go to #fpstrivia on irc.openprojects.net at around 4:00pm. TonicBH isn't very consistent showing up, but on most evenings he arrives between 4:00pm EST and 10:00pm EST.

If you have a trivia question you think might be good related to DOOM or anything video game related, you can send me an email. Also, if you can think up good trivia questions to ask from the Star Wars Trilogy and Phantom menace, TonicBH has a set of trivia questions on those great classics as well.

Again, it's #fpstrivia on irc.openprojects.net. All are welcome.

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