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Zeratul 982

Stone Stratagems - Favorite map(s)?

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By choosing one of the 18 completed maps, which one would be your favorite(s)? Here are the completed maps:

map01 - The Fortification-----map02 - Arachno-Falls
map03 - The Truculent---------map04 - Tainted Grounds
map05 - The Tower-------------map06 - The Confrontation
map07 - Beyond Hardcore-------map08 - The Assault
map09 - The Stronghold--------map10 - Stone Fortress
map11 - The Barrier-----------map12 - Marble Fortress
map13 - Deep Down...----------map14 - No Limits
map15 - The Tower II----------map16 - Slough Base
map17 - Awaited Arrival-------map31 - The Barons' Temple

My favs are the fortresses.

**Oh, and the dehacked file that comes with the zip file doesn't seem to want to work on source ports anymore and I don't know why. Don't sweat it. It only changes the name of the level on the map screen.

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Guest Dest-X

Ive got two legs from my hips to the gound,
When i move them i walk around,
When I lift them they climb up stairs,
When i shave them they aint got hairs.

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

Dest-X's post not related to favorite maps from Stone Stratagems!!!!

Anyways Zeratul, It's got to be the level with the Absolution-like room. I played your wad with the Zombies TC, so things are more harder. Oops.

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Well, I expected a reply like that to come from him, and quite frankly I don't care. He can make himself look like a fool as long as he wants.

Anyway... the map you're talking about is The Barrier.

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