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nightmare imp

Doom Music Wads?

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Hello fellow Doomers,

Im just woundering are there any Doom music wads either than PSX Doom music.I would like to know if there any other ambient music wads for Doom and where to find em.


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For DooM?

Go to any mod database, you'll find tons of freeware tracks...

From DooM?

I don't think so. If you're looking for better quality or something go screw around with Cakewalk.

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Wads other than PSX Doom? Try Macvilewhore's music wads on my ftp (they're under the wads dir). They have Rammstein, Doom 64, Korn and many others! Soon I'll be making wads of the Doom 64 music, as well as the Quake music. And possibly the Qdoom Music. I have to ask permission to use the Qdoom MP3s first. To check out the awesome soundtrack, check out Fanatic's Asylum.

By the way, I was wondering, since your name is Nightmare Imp, ever thought of having your face as a nightmare imp? You seem to be changing faces alot nowadays...

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