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Guest bigbadgangsta

Remade DOOM storyline

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Anticipation coarsed through your veins."When are they gonna call me in?" you ask.The landscape of Phobos was desolate like that of a desert stripped of life.As you stare into the horizon your radio crackles.
"Alpha,this is Bravo.Do you read?"
"Go ahead Alpha."
"We have several XTs in our sights.They have not seen us yet.Should we open fire sir".XTs?Damn this was getting weird you think.Then a horrific sound came through.Many screams crying out in horror,some damning their fate others crying out to their loved ones as a final wish to see them one last time.No you think.
"Alpha,do you copy?Alpha?Ok marines all XTs are considered danger-".The man was cut off and his scream came through clearly on the radio.Gun fire echoed into the radio and screams of anguish resounded into the musty air of the moonbase.Then silence.Utter silence.
"No." you mutter as tears fill your eyes.You clench your hand around your pistol so tight you knuckles turn white.Well,you think to yourself,if this is the way its gonna end at least let me take a few of the bastards out.You suck air deep into your lungs as you aproach the door of the moonbase and most likely your death...

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Hmmm...sounds like something I would make up. Cool.

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