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Space Marine vs. Zombies

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You hear them, shuffling their combat boots on the tile floor outside. You don't know how on Mars you got into this situation, but chances are slim that you'll survive. The former-platoon-mates-turned-zombies are getting closer, and you barely survived that encounter with that Chaingunner. You're tired, sore, tense, nervous, angry, and hurt. There are only 7 bullets left in your pistol, most of which you wasted on that afore-mentioned Chaingunner, and a couple of Shotgunners, and about 3 Pistol-Zombies. If only you'd picked up their clips, but you hadn't time to pick any up. Too bad. You can deal with death; it's just the getting gunned part you don't want to think about. The zombies, meanwhile, are getting closer, so close you can hear their breathing. You hear a shotgun blast go off close to you, outside. It's deafening. The door shatters with the impact of the buckshot hitting it, and the zombies shuffle inside. At the sight of you, their eyes flash menacingly. You fire the remaining bullets at them. But it doesn't help; you only gun down 3, and there are 2 more left. The Shotgun Zombies who are left cock their shotguns, and let them rip. As the buckshot tears through you, you feel a sense of peace. You thump! to the ground, and then nothing matters anymore.....

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Very good. Have you thought about making the story for Underworld yet?

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I've considered, yes, but what with work and school and such stuff, I've not been able to get around to it. You understand, yes?

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Can I put this up,since it's in the them of Space Marine vs Zombies?

Just thought I should post it up anyways.

"There all dead"

A short event from my 20 page Doom story I wrote for english class,the one that got me in trouble...

This story is read through my eyes,but this one part called "There all dead" is narriated,a part where theres survivors in the toxin refinery while im in the Nuclear plant still.

Coporal Fox was trying to find his crew consisting of Corporal Robertson and Jamie,the remaining marines.

"Robertson,where are you?" Fox called out.

The Toxin refinery was dark and tight, the stench of deadly chemicals and liquid filled the air and it was terrible.Bullets holes in the walls from earlier combat meant someone was here,but not anymore."This is Fox here,anyone?" he called out.

No one answerd back,nothing.

Something was going on,something wierd ever since he got here,he found dead dead bodys and saw no one alive.He was being chased by a big ,bulky horned creature earlier on and thorny humanoid creatures.He had his 12 gauge shotgun ready for anything and than he heard something from behind him,he spun around aiming the shotgun."Freeze!" he yelled,trembling.

"Dont shoot sir,it's me",Robertson said.

"What the hells going on here?" Fox said.

"I...dont know,but Jamie was attacked by someone or something ,I couldent excactly see what it was but it was carrying a shotgun."Never the less,we'd better get the hell out of here" Fox said as they headed for the blue security door.He took out the blue keycard and inserted it into the card reader and it blinked on and off.The door unlocked and automaticaly opend up."Alright,move out!" Fox said.

"Dammit sir,what are these things,theres people that have been trying to kill us and those...things sir" Robertson said,with a worried look in his eyes."I dont know what they are or where they came from,but we cant give up"Fox explained.The walls had bloody handprints on them and a pile of intestines were on the floor.Robertson began to vommit,"Jesus Chirst!" he yelled out.
"Get together man!" Fox yelled.

"Yes..yes sir" he said.

Just than a roar errupted from the corner ahead and another person wallked out,armed with a riffle "there not human sir,I swear,there like zombies!" Robertson blubberd.
Fox unloaded a shell into the creatures head before it could even fire and it fell to the cold,steel floor in a heap.They wallked up to him and they noticed that parts of the corpse were rotten already.

"My god" Robertson said.As if Fox hadent seen more than enough of these foul creatures,another one had come out from the exit room just ahead."Look out!" Robertson said as it opend fire with it's riffle catching Robertson in the throat.He fell down grabbing his throat,kicking and crying and trying to say something,but ihe just gargeld.

"Robertson!" Corp.Fox yelled as he stood up and fierd his shotgun blowing the zombies head apart.Robertson was dead and his throat wound still dripped blood from the bullet that ripped through the back of his kneck.Fox stood back up and than something grabbed him from behind around his shoulder and he felt flesh being torn from his shoulder."Arghhh!" he screamed as he freed himself from the grasping hands of another zombie,a woman this time and he saw his own flesh hanging like streamers from here mouth.

He fierd at it and it fell down,dead with part of it's head blown open.He crawled down the short exit corridor where he pressed a switch to raise the staircase to the exit door.The steps groaned and than came out of the mechanical floor and he took a step,just than a gunshot is heard and a bullet catches him on his left leg.He falls down banging his head on one of the steps,lacerating his forehead.

A former soilder falls down upon Fox and he screams as he trys to get back up,but there are to many zombies that are piling up on him.Corp.Fox's shirt is pulled up,revealing his abdomen,a zombie bites into it and he screams in utter pain.Another zombie digs it's hand into the ripped flesh and begins tugging on his intestines and he screams still,blood is coming out of his mouth as he stares at the dozen or so blank eyes that stare down at him.

Another zombie begins to gnaw on his cheek and begins to bite the flesh of and begins to tug on his jaw and tongue,it gets ripped out and chewed on by the zombie.

In the meantime,three zombies have been ripping into the abdomen and rip open his stomach spilling the guts and other vital organs as they rip the rib cage open as well.Robertson is dead,they begin pulling out more of his intestines and they feast on there prey.

The door that leads into the room opens,and Corp.Obrochta emerges(Me),his eyes widen at the sight of zombies devouring Corp.Robertson."Jesus" he says as he unslings his shotgun."Come on you fuckers,eat me!" he yells as he opens fire with an evil grin on his face.Another zombie grasps at him but has it's head blown clean off and it falls dead.Another zombie gets up to attack and than it has its head slammed into the wall cy Corp.Obrochta.

Corp.Obrochta arms the chainsaw and revs it up,he charges the horde of zombies slashing and sawing zombies into peices "come on and get me,if you can!" he roard.Blood was splattering all over the walls and floor,but he dident care.Images of imps,bulldemons,spectres raced through his mind with rage,but he never stopped to kill the former humans.

A zombie goes for his throat but gets it own head sawed in half.After two minutes of the massacare induced by Corporal Obrochta,he walks over the dead body of Fox and onto the stairs,wiping the blood off his combat helmet visors.He leans on one knee and takes it off,he needed fresh air,but it wasent.He was trying to calm his rage down all together,eventually he did and he hooked the helmet back on and procceded to the exit.He pulled out the automap and saw his destination was "Commnad+Control".............

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Sounds like the doomguy had aobut 30% health left and only a few pistol bullets left...

As you empty your clip you realize there are still two zombies left. One rasies his shotgun to feed you a lovely lump of lead but thinking quickly you spin off to the side and the zombie fires since it doesnt have the reaction time to reaim. Noticing that he's cocking his gun you spin the other direction and he fires blindly in the other direction, you are only 5 feet away from him - you reach for his gun and yank it out of his clammy grip, the heat of the barrel scolds yuor hand but you manage to blow a hole in him... so far the other zombie hasnt got a shot off yet because his buddy was in the way, standing almost flat-footed you rush him and pound the butt of the rifle into his head, it only makes his head tilt back. Raising his gun to give you another bellybutton you sidestep, grab the shotgun, and blow his own ehad off with it before he can realize that you've even moved.

Now, since this is probalby how i would ahve handled it and not the way the doom marine would ahve, im gonna shut-up for a little while.

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DooMBoy said:

I've considered, yes, but what with work and school and such stuff, I've not been able to get around to it. You understand, yes?

Sure, I understand. I've been busy with my work too. (Does Dark Arena count as work?) Plus I've been busy with other things such as end-of-school work.

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