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Guest bigbadgangsta

DOOM 2 remade storyline

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You climb up the steep mountain,rocks fall down hitting your visor.You grunt with effort to pull yourself up onto another ledge.You want to leave hell behind as quickly as you can.Your mind flashes images of your expirences.Rotting corpses brought back to life,shambling towards you,weapons still clutched in their dead fingers as they walk toward you moaning with one though left in their decomposed brains.Kill anything with a pulse.The hideous Cacodemons,floating one eyed mouths of death.Then their master the Spider-demon.Its huge metal legs stomp on the ground as it shrieks and opens fire with its chaingun...
your climb is almost finished.Only a few more feet to go.With the thought of escape from hell so close to being reality you double your effort.You finally reach the top.You remove your helmet,which,after many battles has been left cracked and scarred.You take in a breath.Real air,not recycled.But all does not look right.The huge city ahead is nothing but smoldering ruins.You see Cacodemons and Lost souls pacing above the city like buzzards.Your face becomes that of hate as you grip your pistol,wishing you hadn't had to leave the rest of your guns in hell just because they weighed you down.Oh well,its time to show hell you can't fuck with this marine.

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