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.....You've killed them all. They're all dead. You think. All around lie the corpses of your enemies. As you stand contemplating the death of your enemies, wiping the blood and sweat from your forehead, you hear a shuffling sound behind you. You whirl around, ready to fire your Chaingun. Nothing there. Mind's been fried, you think. Then you hear the shuffling again-this time much closer. Once you more you turn in a rapid circle, looking to kill whatever's there. Out of the shadows there shuffles yet another zombie, partially decomposed, dragging his Chaingun along behind him, the smell of his decomposing entrails nearly overpowering you. The zombie hoists his CG to his chest and lets rip, and you dive and roll out of the way. "Blam-blam-blam-blam!!!" The shots echo in the nearly empty room. You fire back with your own Chaingun. You hear the entry of the bullets as they hit the CGer's rotting skin, and you hear the sickening sounds as they exit. The zombie moans and falls backward, never to move again. You catch your breath and listen intently. Nothing. You exit the room. All around-death. You've nearly gotten used to it now, but these corpses smashed across the walls, decapitated, disemboweled, dismemebered-they overwhelm you. Not only in the stench, which nearly makes you puke, but also in the fact that at one time they were once your former platoon mates. You don't ahve time to think this over, however, because you hear the evil laughter of an Archvile somehwere in your immediate area. "Ha ha ha ha ha," the creature's soulless laughter rings hollow. The laughter provokes you to greater anger. Suddenly the creature looms tall before you. He raises his hands to summon the flame spirits, but before he can do that, you pump him full of lead. "Hiiisssssssss!!", he cries out. He suddenly brings his giant hands together, creating a huge burst of energy that hits you like a freight train. You are sent careening backwards, and hit the door you just exited with a loud thump. Dazed and angry, you quickly gather your scattered wits and pick up your Chaingun and locate the Archvile in the shadows. He once more raises his arms in the arms as if to make a sacrifice (you?) but he does anything else, you blast him away to nothing. His screams of death don't reach your ears, however, for you're still firing away. You stop firing. "Oh, God, please let me leave this base alive," you say....

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