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Short Storyness

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...It's there...somewhere....you think...
You're inside the UAC Storage Facility on a small outpost in the asteroid field. The demons have gotten here, somehow, through teleporters, or black magic, maybe both. You and the guys fought the demons off as best you could, but in the end it was you. Always you. Always you to fight off the demonic hordes and endure endless suffering at the hands of Hell.
This you know and this you think, as you hunt down that last Imp which somehow escaped being killed. You hear its heavy mouth-breathing getting closer, and sweat breaks out in cold beads across your brow. You clench your pistol tighter till your knuckles turn white. You hear a slight noise behind you of a sudden, and whirl about. There he stands, the one elusive bastard that escaped being filled with holes. You blast him, round after round into his evil, soulless body, till he's nothing but blood, guts, and strawberry jam.
Suddenly, you hear another shrill Imp-scream pierce the air-maybe you were wrong about all the demons being dead.....

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You write well, but you need to come up with some more interesting, creative, original topics to write about. Something that has a little more point to it. It's getting kinda old reading the same thing over and over, even if it is well written. Also, use the preview feature and read the post through before posting so that the errors don't detract from the writing.

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...and maybe you were wrong about the invasion being started by Hell, you think as you come across the concealed console in the middle of the wall.

Nothing strange at first... the usual corporate reports, requests for Marines for experiments, and the obligatory dreck from the PR flacks about nothing being wrong. And a file marked "Biotech Research". Hmmm. This promises to be more interesting than what normally comes up on these consoles.

You quickly skim the file. Damn those stooges and their unmitigated arrogance to think that they could let this kind of force in without leaving a weak point! In a fit of anger not helped by any of the "enhancements" that have been done to you, you rip the console to shreds just as a stream of fireballs starts going past you.

Damnit, it's starting all over again. First the deserted moons of Mars get hit again, then Earth, then Mars, and now this God-forsaken outpost on Ceres. One word comes to mind, and you start mumbling it like a talismanic chant. "Daro... Daro... Daro..."

Turning around like a 300-pound ballerina, you blast a couple of shells into the enhanced Imp and then start running like Hell itself was on your heels, not looking back to see if anything is following you. It's Daro all over again, only worse. Much worse, especially if the Enemy has taken over the defenses.

In front of you a whining noise starts, and you look off to one corner of the room. Damn holoprojectors. You fire at it, blowing it to bits before the holotank finishes being produced. This won't be pretty.

Just then, the final line of that document you read hits you like a ton of rotting Cyberdemon: "The portal, located at the center of the Equatorial Split, is to be reactivated in case of emergency. All personnel are required to carry their identification cards at all times to access the portal and utilize the Forces to defend against any emergencies." Shit. They actually trust those bastards to keep a deal square?

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