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Here are three short stories, using the Zombies, Imp and Demon from Doom.

The marine had never felt real fear, fear such as this. This is insane, he thought to himself. I've nearly pissed my pants here, me, a grown man, a Space Marine, no, fuck that, a UAC Space Marine. Those...things out there aren't zombies. No fuckin' way. That's bullshit. That can't be right.... But the marine had no confindence in himself, especially since he had a lost his pistol to a zombie on the way in here. The bathroom. Holed up in a bathroom. Well, he thought with a sort of grim humor, at least I want shit my pants, there's toilets everywhere in here. He chuckled to himself. The chuckling soon stopped, though, as the shuffling of the undead took him out of his reverie. The door flew open, and in walked several zombies, two clutching assualt rifles, and one a shotgun. The zombies pointed their weapons at the marine, and before he could even scream, they opened fire...
In another section of this same station, another marine, clad in green UAC Space Marine armor, was engaged in a battle with one of the heinous hellspawn. It was an odd looking creature, maybe 6'11" or thereabouts, tall anyway, with abnormal spine (or spikes?) jutting out of its body. The marine fired his pistol at the damned creature, which was quite literally damned, as it had been spawned from Hell. The creature flinched as the bullets hit it, tearing its flesh and bringing forth small runnels of pink-reddish blood. The creature screamed in pain and hurled a glowing, red-hot fireball at the hapless marine. The fireball exploded in the middle of the marine's chest, exploding his heart and causing him to vomit blood and fall backwards with a thump, all the while gurgling small fountains of blood out of his mouth. Then the world swam away from his eyes and the Imp shuffled off, leaving the corpse...
In another dimension maybe, thought the sergeant. In another dimension, in another time, I might of encountered one of these things. His mind kept bringing back the memory of the creature: Huge, hulking beast of a demon, glowing, unblinking, yellow eyes, filled with pure hatred. The thing had a massive head, and a huge mouth, filled with rows of shard, jagged, bloodstained, filthy teeth. The thing had charged him, knocking him into the metal wall, where he had been knocked unconscious for about an hour. Man, he thought, my head is fucking pounding. Oh, man. He found his shotgun lying a few feet away from him, a little battered, but none the worse for wear. He slowly and painfully got to his feet. He picked up the shotgun, wincing at the pain the bruises in his back, legs, arms, and head brought him. He heard growling in the corridor. He knew he must go on, of course: the small he was in was only a power control station, and there was no earthly way he could get in contact with Mars and have them send in re-enforcements. He cautiously walked up to the metal door in front of him and placed his hand on it. The door slid up with a whirring sound that grated on his raw nerves like sandpaper. Down at the end of the corridor, he saw it: a Demon. The Demon came charging at him. He cocked the shotgun and fired; the pellets only slowed the Demon down a bit. He re-loaded and fired once more. The Demon was badly hurt now, but its rage was unstoppable. The Demon ran into the shotgun head first, driving the barrel of the gun into its brain, killing it. The butt of the shotgun slammed hard into the gut of the sergeant, who flew backwards, with the shotgun only a couple inches away. He hit the wall, hard, cracking his spine. The shotgun slammed into his face 1.2 seconds later, smashing his skull.

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Good work, but watch those spelling errors ('want' instead of 'wont' for instance).

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