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Guest voivod

Skin chamber.

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Guest voivod

I am making my first sorry attempt at a skin for CajunBot. I took at peek at nazi.wad and manowar.wad, noting the s_skinin entry. I saved that entry to file to see what was in it. Just the name of the skin and the remapped sound files. No biggie, eh? I edited the file (s_skinin.lmp) and reloaded it into my skin. wintex got very confused and the entry was garbled. It looked like it had been chewed a la a text file that's gone through a *nux box to a windows machine.

Some questions: What do y'all use to edit the skinin lmp files?
what relevent info do I need to put in that entry (like sprite names, I didn't see that listed). Can you have more than one skin in a wad file? How would I go about doing that? Thanksh...

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