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Guest Nails

Need help with this...

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Guest Nails

OK, I've been editing for a while with WadAuthor, and sometimes get a couple of unexplanable problems in my levels. For instance, sometimes when i make a lot of windows against one wall, some or all of the windows get this invisable wall around them, making it impossible to get near them even though there is nothing in the level to account for this. My other more major problem is that if I make two sectors with high ceilings and connect them with a door. On each side of the door I create a sector with a low ceiling and connect those sectors to their respective tall-ceiling sector (hope you understood that...). Anyway, when i'm in the level, if i stand in the doorway and jam on the action key a bunch of times, eventually the ceiling on one of the short sectors will drop to the floor and create a HOM in fornt of me...why!?!?!

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Guest Wraithchilde

I don't know if you checked this, but make sure the sidedefs
belong to the right sectors.

If that's all okay, see if you're using the wrong line type,
i.e., a "lower floor" type with a sector tag instead of the
standard door types.

If that's okay, I'd be happy to look at the wad if you email it
to me. Just the map, no textures! :)

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