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Guest Epistax


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Guest Epistax

Ok I am adding in a "BEHAVIOR" lump. I finally got it in the right spot (thanks), but now whenver I try to load the wad in zdoom, it crashes. The wad runs fine (but without the effects I want) without the lump. The lump itself is extremely simple- it just prints something to the screen. I pasted it below just so you don't think I screwed up :) Also, I should say, to actualy get the BEHAVIOR lump AFTER the BLOCKMAP thing, I had to copy and paste within the list. Isn't there an easier way?

Here is the ACS (then compiled with ACC)

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 OPEN
delay (const:2);
print (s:"No Design");
delay (const:70);

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I don't know what editor you're using, but with WadAuthor it's real easy (after Wild Man and Tarin showed me how!) Right click your mouse on any spot outside the map, and select Scripts from the pop-down menu. Insert your script, just as you wrote it in your Doomworld forum message. Select Compile from the options to the right of the editing window, hit OK, and you're all set.

I don't know how to write a script with any other editor. About the copy & paste thing within the list, the only time I've tried something like that is in WinTex, where I've also had some problems. I haven't found a solution, however. Good luck.

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