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TC Idea

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I've got a cool idea for a DOOM TC, but I can't do it because the only DOOM editing skills I've got is dehacked. OK, What about a Tremors TC? From the movie Tremors, where giant worm creatures called graboids pop out of the ground and eat people. Of course, there would only be two types of enemies, the larvae graboids and the adult ones which are smaller and have legs to walk around, but you could still have a lot of fun with it. For instance, they would be able to move too fast for the player to outrun it, so you would have to use strategy to kill them. Also, you would have new weapons such as dynamite, elephant gun, ect. from the movies. When moving, all you would see is a dust trail, except for when they attack you, and also they would only be able to get you when you are on the ground, they couldn't climb up rocks or anything, and so the levels would be based on using different strategies and solving puzzles to kill or get past the creatures. I think this would be very fun to play, and if someone were to work on it that would be sooo cool.

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Guest nihility

sounds cool... but right now i got my own TC to deal with.. thing is.. it would be quite hard to do with doom..

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