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I cant get the -deh command to work

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How do you make the -deh command work with ZDOOM?.

Please tell me all about it.

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Like this (just 1 example):

zdoom.exe -deh mykhack.deh

(I wonder what you've been doing to make it NOT work. Anyway, zdoom includes a big, phat, well-documented manual).

Hope this helps.

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The following is *way* newbie info, but crucial if you don't know it.

click the start menu and choose "run..." (or whatever it might be in your native language :o)

choose "browse..." and find your "zdoom.exe" file.
Then the "run.." window should now have the text something like "c:\games\zdoom\zdoom.exe", there is where you add the -deh command, for instance "c:\games\zdoom\zdoom.exe -deh coolgunz.deh"


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Thats what ive been doing all the time ok like this.

c:\zdoom\zdoom.exe -deh cowheadn.deh

LIKE THAT, i found out that it was my patch that didnt work, now thats another story.

And by the way, im a dane, but everything on it is in English.

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