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I have more than just a new monster.

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I have more stuff in my edge/dosdoom than just my new monster. I probably have enough to make a small partial conversion with, albiet one without any theme.

Stuff I've modified or added:

*Sonic Pistol - auditory disrupter weapon, uses cells, wish I could define an instant beam attack for it, based off of a microprose strategy game called xcom 2

*Ra-Staff - a magical weapon that shoots a condensed fireball at target, uses 1 cell per shot, as much damage as shotgun+, has a bitch of a charge up before firing though.

*Minigun - original artwork I made, shoots 2x fast as chaingun did

*Uzi 9mm - so what, I know everybody has one, mine shoots a little faster than original chaingun did.

*Dark Staff - concept and graphics from Rise Of The Triad: Dark War. Supposed to go through lots of guys but so far haven't got it to go through more than five people. Uses 5 cells per shot (five shots simultaneously for penitration effect).

*Heavy Plasma Rifle - Shoots a big ball of plasma. Can be as dangerous as a rocket except w/ a smaller blast radius. Uses 3 cells/shot.

*Sector Guard - Replaces trooper's mapnumber. The soldier from Strife, has an uzi to drop.

*Wizard - Replaces sargeant's mapnumber. Looks like player character from heretic. Armed with a Ra Staff. Moderatly tough (100 health).

*Acid Eater - Replaces imp's mapnumber. An alien from some kind of aliens TC. Throws balls of acid (they fall down quickly, usually looks like you're being hit in foot). When they die the will hurt you if you are too close (even farther if they splatter). Easy to kill groups with large area weapons since they hurt each other when they die.

*Arachnotron - they shoot faster and their plasma leaves a wake in the air behind it (looks like a beam if they focus on one target).

*Baron/Knight - They shoot a fireball that is now orange and has a large pyrotechnic effect on impact, has an x_offset so it looks like he actually threw it.

*Archgod - As Said Before in another post, replaces cyberdemon's mapnumber. I saw one kill a spiderdemon in 15 seconds flat!

*Lots of other stuff - like fireballs and explosions, some were created from scratch and are original.

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Guest spacedog

Shucks, the dark staff ONLY goes through five beasties, well that does suck, you'd better put it back in the drawer 'till you get it fixed

That was me being sarcastic, personally i think skewering five beasties at a time is more than adequate, where can i get this intensly groovy weapon?

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I'll e-mail it to you, dosdoom v.653 and edge v1.24 versions both enclosed.
I could give it capability to go through a maximum of 10 baddies but it would use 10 cells and damage would collect on larger monsters (just supposed to go through them w/o killing them, though I can't do this with ddfs so you'll have to do with 1 shot for 5 zombies of imps, 1 shot for one cacodemon or 1 shot for 1-2 "pinkie" demons.

Notes: Do not shoot up close, explosion does 50 damage (per shot, there are five shots for every trigger pull, so.. 250 explosive at point blank in small area).
Uses some graphics from the "ra staff" mentioned before
(the pyrotechnic explosion used for bazooka on ROTT that looks so cool is in the ra staff, so is the death magic shot by death monks as well).

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How did you get the graphics out of rott?, so far i've only managed to break down the wad into thousands of small files, and since all graphics is in some wierd format I would have to code an converter... or is there some easier way?

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number 1:
Breaking down the wad to get graphics is a bad idea. It's in some weird format like "ppm" or raw or something.

number 2:
All I did was take screenshots of what I wanted to get and then used a graphics program called "Aldus Photostyler" to edit the screenshots. I was able to take the screenshots of what I wanted because I have ultra-fast reactions (developed by playing doom no-doubt)

number 3:
You can enable screenshots in rott by typing "rott screenshots" at the command line (the command-line switch is "screenshots" without a minus in front). In the game you can take a screenshot by typing Alt-C.

hope this has been helpful.

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AFAIK PPM is Portable Pixel Map. Good old dmgraph was able to read/write it.

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