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Guest Corsair

mod in progress. check it out!!

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Guest Corsair

As some of you may know, I'm working on a mod for doom\doom2. I've done some pretty good work on it. I'd just like to tell anyone who's intrested some of the things in it:

1. It uses EDGE (Thanks Fanatic for your suggestion)
2. Has 5 "New" weapons (new to doom) ALSO: yes, I ripped this gfx from other games because I can't make my own gfx, yet...
-- Lightning Gauntlets (from Heretic)
I'm planning on expanding their powers.
-- Flaming Hands (from Hexen. Cleric weapon 3)
Shoots a spray of fireballs
-- Quietus (from Hexen. Fighter weapon 4)
I call it the Mitheral Sword
-- Dual-Pistols (mirrored org. pistol)
for you gunfighter types out there =)
-- Dual-Chainguns (mirrored org. Chaingun)
sprays ammo like a mutha and eats it like popcorn
-- Handcannon (was S.Shotgun, stills looks like it)
usually gibs smalled enemies (zombieguys, imps, etc.)

3. Has some new items:
-- Red Armour (Repainted armour)
in between green and blue armour
-- Hypodermic Needle
small health boosts
-- Marine Corps Armour Helmet (and diff. angles!!)
I cut the helmet our of the player gfx
-- Two small potions (blue and red) from hexen
I repainted the blue health vial for the red one
-- Red Quartz flask (repainted from hexen)
health increase to be determined

4. One sound has been replaced:
-- Reg. Shotgun fire sound has been replaced with the OLD
sound of the benelli pump-action from Counter-Strike.
Sounds pretty good, too.

5. I'm working on importing the piggy sprites from Hexen. I might make a new enemy or group of enemies from it.
Psionic Piggies of Death!!! =)

6. I might even attempt to make a 5th episode. As yet unnamed.

If anybody could give me some more ideas, please tell me! E-Mail or ICQ me!

E-Mail: adventkid@yahoo.com
ICQ #: 51902031

PLEA: Please don't come yelling to me about how I'm a freeloading loser by ripping gfx from old games and porting them into EDGE. I can't make my own GFX yet.

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