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I am making a PC for edge.

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I am making a partial-conversion for edge based upon an old and mildly obscure microprose game "xcom 2 : terror from the deep".
It will be a partial conversion because it will have no specific story other than: underwater xcom put into doom. And I will not be making any new levels (since I can't level edit).

I already have lots of ideas for opponents/friendlies, items/powerups and weapons.

If anyone has ever played that game or been a fan of it and have some ideas for it, please tell me. I'll e-mail you about what i've already got if you wish.

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Guest Sir psycho sexy

I love all things x-com, i once considered doing exactly what you suggested but with maps, i'll make a couple (not very good ones, mind you)of maps for ya. Also, new enemies, how do you plan to do it? drawing them yourself? (are you any good at drawing on a PC because I turn into a cripple when drawing on a PC).
E-mail me what you've got like you said my address is : markmorg@lineone.net.

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