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Guest xaero

Adding new sector/linedef types to dck 3.62

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Guest xaero

Can anybody tell me how to add new sector and linedef
types to dck 3.62 as i want to add zdoom support to
this editor but it crashes when i try to do it.

Because it supports hexen adding zdoom features should
be easy but i guess not, can anybody help?

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Guest xaero

Thanks a lot for that information maonth that helped a lot,

But i am adding the doom2 info into the hexen.gd file, as i
am converting that mode of dck to full zdoom support because
dck crashes if i do it any other way. I have successfully
replaced all the hexen items with their doom2 equivalents
and hope to add sector and linedef types soon as well as the zdoom specific items, dck is my favourite editor and
there must be many people who want
zdoom support.

I will be releasing the modified hexen.gd on my website at
http://www.geocites.com/hungry_mancubus when it is finished.

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