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Guest Da'Kahn

DCK or DeePsea?

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Guest Da'Kahn

A few years ago i started editing maps for doom and doom2 with DCK.
Then i stopped for a while, because of my work.
But since I am not busy anymore i want to start with editing maps again.

But i have a few questions: Does DCK work with floor over floor?
And if it doesn't, wich editor does?

I've heard that DeePsea is very good, but it is only a 30 day trial version..........
Could someone help me???

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Guest T-N-T

Well, I honestly don't know if DCK works with floor over floor, Maonth can probably tell you because he likes DCK a lot. As for DeepSea, it probably does and if it doesn't then they will make it work if everyone wants them to do it. DeepSea looks to be the easiest editor to use...I've tried it and liked it. I don't think it's limited to 30 days, rather I think it's limited to size...can't make anything too big. You can register it for $29.99 however.

If you really want to work with floor over floor then go get the EDGE engine. They recommend you use DoomCad 6.1 to edit with the EDGE engine. You'll also have to use TrueBSP as well. You can find EDGE buried deep within Doomworld under the "Source Ports" section :) They also have tutorials you can read and follow that will help you get the general feel for how EDGE works. I hope that helps you.

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Damn im getting fameous.

Floor over Floor DOES work with dck. Just take the extra linesĀ“:

400=EDGE Thick Extrafloor (dummy)
401=EDGE Thick Extrafloor (master upper)
402=EDGE Thick Extrafloor (master upper)
403=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (Solid)
404=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (20% Translucent)
405=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (40% Translucent)
406=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (60% Translucent)
407=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (80% Translucent)
408=EDGE Liquid Extrafloor (Invisible)

and put it in doom2.ini after the last linedef line "141=W1y Silent Ceiling Crush/Raise" located in "DCK's directory.

AND put these lines into dck's doom17.dat:

[Lines: Edge Tools]

Thick Extrafloor (dummy)(400); 400
Thick Extrafloor (master upper)(401); 401
Thick Extrafloor (master upper)(402); 402
Liquid Extrafloor (Solid)(403); 403
Liquid Extrafloor (20% Translucent)(404); 404
Liquid Extrafloor (40% Translucent)(405); 405
Liquid Extrafloor (60% Translucent)(406); 406
Liquid Extrafloor (80% Translucent)(407); 407
Liquid Extrafloor (Invisible)(408); 408

After the last linedef line:

G1 Floor Raise Near & Change (47); 47

Now it should work PERFECTLY.

Note: Remember you have to start EDGE to use the Floor over Floor.


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Guest Fanatic

NOTE: I messed up the description for # 402. It should read:

402=EDGE Thick Extrafloor (master lower)

Now, what does this mean?

dummy -the extrafloor sides use the texture of the tagged line of the dummy sector

master upper -the extrafloor sides use the upper texture of the lines master sector

master lower -the extrafloor sides use the lower texture of the lines master sector

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Guest Da'Kahn

Do you mean with: using EDGE
The modified doom EDGE version?

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