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Guest koor

NEW TC - Antichrist Doom

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Guest koor

Antichrist Doom is what i call carnage levels. You will have all the ammo you need but will you be stroungh enough to make your way through this hell ? hard to say.

This TC is very well done, many modifications were made so it can greatly improve the game. Some of the modifications include;

black demons with red eyes, black cacodemons,red hell knights,
red plasma sparks, improved textures, sounds, musics and over 20 crazy levels wich give the player an amazing adrenaline rush because of the challenge each of them is for them.

If you are looking for DEATHMATCH maps, this TC include 7 top quality deathmatch Arena so you can challenge your friends and show them your superiority in the greatest environment possible.

Please take a look at this website i have built for it and try it out. i'm sure you won't be disapointed, i can't stop playing this TC :) i managed to finish all the levels alive starting from scratch (idclev) so they are all possible to do without dieing once or cheating.


or take a look at this screen shot
isn't it awesome ?:)

I hope you guys like it. Comments are welcome.
see ya


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