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Edge TC needs help

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Positions needed for DooM Relapse:

Mappers (atleast two, perferable one who can do edge tricks)

Gfx artists (atleast two, perferable ones good at making demonoids and humanoids)

Sound/Music(mp3) men (not a biggy, so last on list)

A DDF Coder (atleast one, must know alot of DDF tricks and features)

If your interested in joining
email: diptera_necro@hotmail.com
icq: 33008733
AIM: DipteraNecroHart
I'll perfer a sample of your work, unless your well known like Wildman or Fanatic

and a beta will be released soon. So keep a look out.

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Guest ChriS

Geez can you wait until the final EDGE version is released?

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Err, like most ports, EDGE is in continuous production. There won't be a final version for a long, long while (well, hopefully there won't anyway).

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Any particular examples of songs in mind? This sounds like a good chance for me to figure out this $8,000 worth of studio stuff I have laying around here.

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