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Guest The6EnD6iZ6nEaR

more stupid questions from me

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Guest The6EnD6iZ6nEaR

hhmm by the end of the year 2000 i will have ten full pages of the editing forum all full with my retarded questions, so... gettong that out of the way...
(stupid Question #1)
How in the hell do I get one of those table sufaces in the middle of a room(or anywhere) without it screwing up? I know the heights and all, but I'm still a bit lostas to pegged unpegged top and bottom, I have looked around for info on this but I'm to dense to absorb any of it i think..

(stupid Question #2)
How do i set the difficulty settings for a wad?,,

MORE TO COME....................

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Guest QuarK

Not really stupid question 1:

I has my problems with the peggys too, but its almost clear for
me. Un the upper texture if you don't use UpperUnpeg, the texture
will be drawn from down to up. This is made for doors. If you
use upper unpeg, the texture will start at the top and will go
down. LowerUnpeg won't do anything. In the middle texture
normally the texture will be at the top, and drawn down.
Upper unpeg means that too. Lower unpeg will lower the texture to the floor, and it will drawn from down to up. Lower texture
won't be changed if you use upper unpeg, it will start from up, and will go down, its for lifts. If you use lower unpeg, texture
will start from down to up.

A bit stupider question 2:

Well, in Quake everything can be set for the difficulty.
Monsters, entities, polygons. But in doom its only for things.
Set the Easy, Medium, Hard, Deaf, Dm flags. If you switch the
E,M,H flags, the thing will appear evey skill, and so on. Deaf
means that the monster will search for you, if it sees you.
If you set the DM flag, it will be appeared in multiplayer mode.

Huhh, sooory for the large reply, but i came form Hungary, and
its a bit heavy to mention my thinks.

You shouldn't say that...


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Quark's reply to Question 1 on pegging/unpegging ought to have given you enough information. I just wanted to add something to his reply on Question 2. If I understand your question correctly, you want to know HOW to set the difficulty settings within the context of an editor. I'll use the example of WadAuthor, and I imagine other editors work the same way. As Quark pointed out, diificulty settings can be varied by inserting or removing things. The primary things that affect difficulty settings are enemies, weapons/ammo, health, armor, and various powerups. So, if you want to create difficulty setting 1 (I'm too young to die), for example, you'll have fewer enemies and/or more of the other things I listed. As you create the higher difficulty settings you'll reverse the order -- more enemies, fewer other things. Remember, however, that you want the level to be balanced with the right amount of challenge at all difficulty levels.

Now, to answer your question -- when you decide to insert one of the things I listed, you will open the Things window in WadAuthor and select the thing to insert. You decide that at Levels 1&2 you want to use an imp, but Levels 3-5 you want to use a demon. Select imp, then look on the right side of the window to a panel called Attributes. There you will see check-boxes for the difficulty levels. Check off the boxes for Levels 1 & 2. Click on the OK button at the bottom and exit the window. Open the Things window again and this time select demon. Uncheck the boxes for L1&L2, and check the boxes for L3-L5. That's it -- you now have difficulty settings.

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Guest The6EnD6iZ6nEaR

Thanks, it was all exactly what i need, i'm still stuck on a few things but i have nothing better to do then screw around with the wads anyway, so in time i should have the little stuff nailed down(it took me 15 minutes to get my frist key activated door to work yesterday).. Any way thanks again for the help,,

expect more forum litter from me in the next few days

The End Iz Near.......

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