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ZDooM scripting woes

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I am trying to get an exploding barrel effect. I've created a barrel-like sector, and am trying to set it up so that it explodes when struck by a projectile and disappears. I have succeeded in writing the script to make the barrel disappear (lower floor instantly and change barrel-top flat to that of surrounding floor). I have surrounded the barrel with map spots (tag 12). The script includes the following line:

Thing_Projectile(12, T_ROCKET, 0, 10, 0);

When I try to compile the script I get this inexplicable error message:

**** ERROR ****
Line 5 in file "$.acs" ...
Error #48: Identifier has not been declared.
Identifier: t_rocket
Host byte order: LITTLE endian

Tarin has used the exact same line in his acsstuff.wad, and the explosion works just fine. Isn't T_ROCKET a valid identifier?

ADDENDUM: I went into the reference section at ZDooM.notgod.com and got the thing ID number for rockets (# 127). I replaced T_ROCKET with 127, and it works just the way I want it. Then I realized that perhaps the T_ROCKET needed to be in quotes. I made the change, it compiles fine, but when I play the level there is no explosion. Plus, Tarin's script did not use quotes and his explosion effect is just fine. Weirdness.

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The only think I can think of is that you're using the wrong zdefs.acs. Open it in a text editor and search for T_ROCKET, if it's not there, you need the ZDooM specific ACS files. I think they are somewhere at the ZDooM page.

You could also replace T_ROCKET with the number 127, since T_ROCKET is defined as 127 in zdefs.acs.

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Not sure, but try putting "T_ROCKET" with quotes (as I just did).


Paul L. Ming

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