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10 sectors - Local door sounds?

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While I was working on my entry into the contest, I noticed a funny little thing. When I draw my level I have a sector palette with the ten sectors I am allowed to use. I have one designated door sector that is used for all doors at the same time. Doom II gives off a sound whenever you open a door, and it seems as since the door sector is spread out on several derived doors, the door sound that emanates from the first door sector drawn (that is, the one in the sector palette) doesn't reach doors lying far away. Thus, if I derive a door sector and place it far enough away from the base door sector in the sector palette, it opens without a sound. On the other hand, the sound is played at the base door sector, so if another player would stand near the wall separating the sector palette from the rest of the level, that player would hear a door opening sound just because the other player opened a derived door across the level. The door sound plays at the same place regardless of which derived door that is opened!

Just thought you should know. :)

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Uh. Yeah. There's a part in my level where you hit a switch that opens a secret door just out of sight. Normally, you would be able to hear it. In this case, you can't, so you have no idea wtf the switch does. I really, really, REALLY hate that :)

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