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Guest Big-Lumpy-Tool


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Guest Big-Lumpy-Tool

I have made several differences to doom. By editing the original sprites of the monsters, and of the guns.
But now I want to try something new. I want to keep all of the original monsters and add different ones. I have already added all the sprites of 1 new monster to my doom iwad. Thank you Wintex!!!
OK here is my problem. Even though my new sprites are in my IWAD Dehacked does not egnolig there pressence. And on top of that I can't figure out a way to create a new monster in DeHacked.
I have tried to edit the properites of the blur shpere to change it to my monster. But, like I said before Dehacked doesn't know my new sprites and sounds are in my Iwad.
How can I get what I want accomplihed. I really want to just add the monster as a new thing. But if I have to edit an existing thing, I'll do it.
But first thing is first. How do I get DeHacked to see my new stuff?

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Guest Fanatic

Dehacked will only recognize existing DOOM/DOOM2 IWAD entries. If you want it to recognize new entries, you have to edit the entry name list (on the F7 menu). Forcing new entries in Dehacked is a lot of work, so I'd suggest replacing what's there already, and make due.

So the entries you made and merged into your IWAD, rename them to replace an existing character or object, and go from there.

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