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ZDooM scripting question

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I have 3 lines, each of which can trigger an earthquake effect. I've set up the lines to be one-time only (i.e., non-repeatable), activated when the player crosses. The quake effect works just fine. Now, I want to set it up so that once the player has crossed any of the 3 lines, the other two lines become inactive. That is, there will be only one quake, regardless of which line the player crosses. Thanks.

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Let all linedefs trigger a script like this one:


int quake_has_happened;

script 100 {
if (!quake_has_happened) {
quake_has_happened = 1;
// do the quake or whatever you want to do


By definition the global variable quake_has_happened is initialized as 0. After the script is executed the first time, the quake_has_happened is set to 1, so the script won't run again.

Simple as that :-)

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Don't make the lines trigger the earthquake directly, but make use the "line_setidentification" special to assign an id to the lines (all lines same id). The use an open script and put the line "setlinespecial([idofline], 80, 0, [scripttoexecute], 0);"
in "scripttoexecute" write "Radius_Quake (intensity, duration, damrad, tremrad, tid);" also add the line "setlinespecial([idofline], 0, 0, 0, 0);" This will make all lines become inactive once one of them is triggered. At least I hope so :)

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