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Guest doomer76

i want to know if i can add more weapons

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Guest doomer76

can i add more weapons to doom or am i stuck with the original 7

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Guest ChriS



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ChriS said:




my new mod will have about 18 weapons in it (plus some psionic abilities only accessed from cheating)

It's built around the idea of deathmatch with lots of weapons laying around (some are instant killers). Unfortuatly edge doesn't support multiplayer (::nudge, nudge::) but it could probaly work well in a botgame (lotsa weaps so bots are more than likely to get them and make it interesitng).
Hell, I will probably get rid of all the monsters (setting mapnumbers to nulls, excpet for the bossbrain), and make new ones spawned by rts scripts.

Sorry but no new levels - I am not a map editor.

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*Field pistol (sucks, you start with it)
*Hyper Pistol (miniature rail-gun, 2.5x as powerful as normla pistol)
*MP-5 Compact (gee... so I have to tell you, it's the one with the handle and w/o the stock)

*Rifle (hmmm, better name if you have one?, 2x as powerful as pistol w/ less fire rate)
*Heavy Rifle (50cal, akin to a sniper rifle but 100 damage is the
max, no more).
*Hyper Rifle (more powerful and higher rate of fire than that of the pistol version).

*Combat Shotgun (single barrel, 1/2 fire rate of pistol, clip fed)
*Double Shotgun (under-over arrangement, 3/4 fire rate of combat shotgun, belt-fed)

*Assault Rifle (your basic run-of-the-mill machinegun, uses 7.62mm).
*Hyper Auto Gun (machinegun version of the hyper rifle, one of the most dangerous weapons in the mod)
*Mini-Gun (hmm, everyone has to have one huh?, fire rate approaches 1200 rounds/min).

Heavy Guns:
*Flechette Cannon (run... fast, the equivalent of a sniper rifle, 160 damage/max)
*Rail Cannon (run faster, shoots a large bolt at fast speeds, single-shot, 320 damage/max, projectile has speed of 60)

*Missile Launcher (duh, clip-fed and recoil-less)
*Grenade Launcher (clip-fed)

Energy Projection Weapons:
*Particle Gun (shoots green blasts that do up to 100 damage)
*Assault Particle Gun (ditto, but full-auto and 1/2 ammo consumption and damage)
*Plasma Rifle (very dangerous, like a semi-automatic rail cannon)
*Heavy Plasma Gun (the big daddy, does the most damage (up to 600), strange pulse effects).

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