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Offsetting sprites in WinTeX

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I have a cyberdemon replacement that's nearly twice as tall. Therefore, when using the original offsets for the rocket sprites it looks like the rockets are shooting out of the new enemy's crotch (no, seriously). I used WinTex to offset the rocket sprite so that it's higher and off-center. However, this causes 2 problems:

1. When the player uses the rocket launcher, the rockets are also shot out higher and off-center. I could offset the rocket launcher to match, but then it would look like the player is carrying the rocket launcher over his/her head and shoulders. That would look really ridiculous.
2. When the enemy or player fires a rocket, there are actually 2 rockets that appear -- one of them is from the new, offset position, the other is from the original position. In WinTex I selected the "Flying Sprite", offset the position of the rockets, and hit the "Apply" button. However, when I leave the sprite and return to it later, the "Flying Sprite" offsets are back to the original values. It never applied the new offsets.

Is there a way to offset the rocket sprites only for the cyberdemon and not for the player?
How do I get rid of the ridiculous 2-rocket effect? (If it appeared that twin rockets were being fired it would be cool, but in this case one rocket is centered on the screed and the other is from above the shoulder. Looks like crap.)


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Guest Fanatic

So the basic problem is this:

Cyberdemon is twice as tall, therefore you need the projectile sprites that only he shoots to appear higher, not the player rocket.

The problem is that the player and Cyberdemon use the same projectile.

The fix is to change the code pointer for the Cyberdemon firing three times (I think there are siz frames total, 1/3/5 fire, and 2/4/6 are the post-fire frames) from using the rocket, to using another projectile, like the Imp's fireball attack, and change those sprites to the rocket sprite in the frame editor.

The problem is that the sprites would be offset (via Wintex), and not the actual projectile, since in DeHackEd you cannot edit how high an attack is (unlike EDGE). But that should do the trick anyway.

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Thanks for the tip. I'm guessing that changing the code pointer needs to be done in DeHacked (or can it be done in WinTeX?) I've never used DeHacked before, but I'll give it a shot. If that doesn't work I'll just release my levels the way they are. I'm sure that seeing the cyberdemon replacement shoot rockets out of his crotch will get a few laughs (until the rocket splits open their laughing faces!)

Btw, I also have a replacement for the imp, so I won't be able to use the imp. The only other enemy that has a straight shooting projectile (unlike the mancubus and the revenant) that I haven't replaced is the hell knight. So I'll try it with the HK.

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