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Guest DoomSource

Looking for any VB Source regarding DOOM

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Guest DoomSource

Hi... Im interessed in Doom Editing (wad, sound, music) and looking for source code in Visual Basic.
If anyone has anything for share... let me know at JoseLuisBorges@hotmail.com i'll credit them in my future works.

Im not looking for other languages source... just VB :)
I dont want to RIP anything from anyone... just understand the way VB can SHOW wads MAPS.

Im trying to make a launcher in VB but want to incorporate some sort of WAD VIEWER, but cant quite get the hang of it :(

I can already:
- See wads level info
- See wads info (players, monster, itens)
- Unzip ZIPS and launch game (up to the 255 caracter limit of dos)
- Zip savegames (is stated) into zips again (HD only)
- Read levels from CDs into temp dir (no save avaiable)
- Use of DEH files

Need to:
- Show map (2D or 3D if possible)
- any ideas ? mail me (JoseLuisBorges@hotmail.com)

Thanks for your info in advance :)

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I think that the Wintex source is on cdrom and it is in VB, if I remeber corrctly. I don't really know what's in it, but you could check it out.

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wintex and doomcad are written in VB, but I don't know if the source is released or not.

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