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Problems with oversized textures

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I have a couple of graphic patches that are 256*256. Using Deep97 I increased the texture height of ZZZFACE8 and ZZZFACE9 from 128 to 256, and saved the TEXTURE/PNAMES wad. I used WinTex to insert the Tex/Pnames lump into an existing wad, and everything appears to be the way I want it (i.e., ZZZFACE8 & 9 are 256*256).

The first problem occurs when I try to load my 256*256 patch using WinTex. WinTex essentially refuses. (Yet it has no problems loading a 256*240 patch.) So then I went into a picture editor and split the 256*256 pictures into two 256*128 pictures. WinTex loaded these smaller patches fine, and using the texture editor I inserted them into ZZZFACE8 & 9. Everything looked fine in WinTex.

The next problem I faced was when I opened up the wad using my level editor. It shows a part of ZZZFACE8 (overlapping a part of ZZZFACE7), but does not show ZZZFACE9. If I try to select ZZZFACE8 it disappears and ZZZFACE7 is selected instead. In other words, I cannot use the oversized textures. Does DooM (and its editors) have a problem displaying textures with a height greater than 240?

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Guest Fanatic

Simple answer -yes. I've had the same problem inporting large graphics in Wintex. Try using DEUTEX to merge the larger one in, maybe it will let you.

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