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Problem with Deep '97

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Whenever I go into sector editing mode, in the windows that display the floor and ceiling textures, the flats display, but there's a load of gibberish on the bottom. Then when I try to bring up the sector editing window (pressing enter on a sector), my entire computer locks up.

The version I was using was 9.30, but I got hold of 9.62 of somebody and it still does the exact same thing. The only thing that I've changed recently on my computer regarding the setup is upgrading the drivers for my Voodoo 3, but I don't see how this could cause it.

Anyone know what's going on? It's rather annoying, as I keep having to load DETH whenever I want to edit sectors.

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You are using an obsolete version. The current version is DeePsea 10.20. (DeeP97 is now called DeePsea.) Has way more features and fewer restrictions. About the only reason I can think of that you are not using a current version (of DeePsea) is that you "borrowed" a registered 9.62?

Btw, clearly if this problem did not exist before you switched drivers, the problem is in the Voodoo driver. That and sound drivers cause us the most grief.

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I'm using an old version because I can't get a newer version as none of the places you can order it from accept my debit card (Switch).

Yes, I did "borrow" 9.62, just to see if it got rid of the problem that I was having with my actual registered copy, 9.30 (it didn't).

The only thing with the video driver is, that I'm sure I used it for awhile after updating my drivers and it worked fine. I have got a bit of a weird Windows problem in general, in that occassionally words in the drop down menus are replaced with "-"s and stuff, so maybe it's something to do with that.

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