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Utter newbie enters - FLAME HIM!!!

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Um, hi. I`m, as I say a bit of a newbie to the Doom editing stuff, but been a fan of Doom for ages. Just want to know what most of you do, like do you create levels for mainly ZDoom, EDGE, or like myself, the simple, vanilla, Doom2 engine?

I see most of you are involved in some project or another and I`d love to start one or collaborate with someone, but I was wondering if I`m the only dude that still edits for just Doom2.

BTW, if anyone is interested (Small chance, I know ;) in what I do, I can mail them some simple levels. Created in WadEd, as it`s all I know as yet.


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Guest Fanatic

Depends on what your goal is for the map you're creating.

ZDOOM -good for special effects, scripting, HeXen stuff (like polyobjects)

EDGE -good for total conversions and partial conversions, 3D floors, etc.

Vanilla -useful, but not that many of the newer features people dig (that ZDOOM and EDGE are capable of).

If you are just making a simple level, no new features like monsters, weapons, sounds, or scripted events, go with Vanilla DOOM. If you want some new stuff and scripting, use ZDOOM. Total conversion (everything changes), use EDGE.

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Guest spacedog

I like using Boom 'cos there's a whole bunch of fancy features (you can even do sliding doors) and it works with almost everysource port going (except edge)

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