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Malice Rancor


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The only thing I have used on the computer to draw is the paint program that comes with windows. I was wondering is there anything like invert on other programs.

When Wintex opens up the Paint program that comes with windows, the Images in it has a differant outcome with Invert, then it does if you did it in a Paint bitmap that you opened using Windows instead. So once you Invert using wintex you can use windows then wintex then windows to come up with an endless amount of differant outcomes with Invert.You have to cut the image out of the bitmap that you opened with Wintex and past it in one that you opened with Windows, and then cut and paste it back and save.

I have inverted everything with invert from a bitmap opened by Wintex, most of it turned out kind of strange, but it made a pretty cool red imp. But anyways anyone know of another program that replaces colors with others automatically or know how to make a program like that with you own customized outcome?

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Guest fanatic

You mean invert the colors?

That would react the same in any program, unless you change the color depth (maybe).

You could use PSP (http://www.jasc.com), that's a good photo editor that can swap individual colors.

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Guest Phobos-Dwellr

When I inverted the imp a few months back I got a white one... I converted it to 24-bits first.

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