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DeathMatch Levels

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Uh, I'll get straight to the point.

I want to include some small Q3A-esque (Well, the smaller ones) DM levels for people like me that prefer to DM in small spaces, because long levels (Like I want to include in my WAD project)

Should I;
a) Include them AFTER the 32 existing maps, so they are *completely* seperate (Access via -warp 33 etc.)?


b) Make say, level 10 skip to lv 31 (Ie the secret level) as it`s regular exit. This will then mean the player exits lv 31 to lv 16. This effectively misses out 5 levels, which I can use for the DM maps I`m doing..?

The thing is, I prefer to use method (a) but for example, Doom2 itself does not like this. A cold, hard boot back into DOS isn`t the preffered end to a DM session.

What shall I do?

I ask as a newbie to the experienced

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