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Newbie goes public! My site!

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Heh, if you want to see what a newbie level looks like...

No, seriously, I've uploaded a total of ONE map - but I now have something on the net!


Basically, for anyone that may be interested in asking me to design maps for them, anyone that may want to help a newbie out (If you've seen my previous posts, you'll know - I know absolutley NOTHING! Nearly...) or if you're just curious -- check it out. It'll take, what? Five minutes. Maybe.

Please note that I spent more time than I think is necessary on the level detail, as it seems like the only way to get a level noticed nowadays. Shame.

Oh, I nearly forgot - it has tommorrow's date on it. Mainly because originally I wasn't intending to upload it till then. Guess I got bored ;)

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boris said:

IMO it does not really look like somebody's first level.

It's not the first one I've EVER done, but the first one that I've posted on the net.

I'd say it was about my fifteenth map ever, but many have been.. poor. Like you'd expect from a newbie, such as I -- I've only been doing this for a couple of months, now.

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