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Need a bit of help with a little project....

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I am in the process of making a couple very small projects for DooM II.

One I am having no trouble with, but the other is a different story. Basically, it replaces John Romero's head with Bill Gates's head for the Icon of Sin, among several other things (graphics and sounds). But I want to have a couple different "alert" sounds for him to say, by use of a few optional wads with a single sound entry in them. You load one depending one which one you want to hear. What I need are some bill gates sound files, so I can mimic him and make these phrases.

Oh and you wouldn't happen to know the style of distortion (other than reversal) that was applied to John Romero's voice for the Icon of Sin? Could it be achieved with something simple like Goldwave?

And yes, I know you need a source port, or troublesome file-merging to load sprites from Pwads.

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Guest spacedog

A bit of time compression i would say and possibly some "chunky" distortion and a ring modulator

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X-DOOM said:

for sound like .wav
use CoolEdit 96, i use it for making sfx and it working too easy!

Well, I almost have the thing finshed, except for sounds (which I can't do until I get some Bill Gates sounds). Thanks for the distortion tips. I'm not going to reverse the sounds, just use the distortion.

The only problem is, I tried replacing the large demon wall image (RWDMONx from memory) with bill gates mug. I basically used a pic of him and some other stuff in a 768x384 graphic, which I then split into the nine seperate pieces needed for the textures.

When in Map30, it looks like the graphics are seperated by bar sort-of things. Mind you I was tired, and couldn't be bothered checking if graphic sizes were correct (they should have been).
Oh and I replaced the animated "Brain area" on the demons' skull with a disk drive with a flashing light (because the boss cubes are now disk cubes). It looked a little odd in the game. Ah hell, I'll link to a temporary version when I can upload it, so can someone have a quick look and tell me the problem.

Anyone know of a newer version of cleanwad than 1.0b?

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