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Malice Rancor

Make see through doors?

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So how do you make a see through door, like a gate that rises up?
It gets wierd colors in the places that you are supposed to be able to see through.

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The problem with trying to use see-through doors in DooM is that the textures are "Upper" textures -- DooM renders see-through textures (like gates, etc., which have cyan color in them) properly only when they are used as "Main" textures. Otherwise a "tutti-frutti" effect occurs, and of course you cannot see through.

One work-around is available if you want to use a gate that opens. It won't work the same way as a door, but it provides a comparable effect. You will need a source-port for this feature. (I am familiar with ZDooM, on which my example is based). Create a line-def set to represent your gate and assign the front and back "Main" textures. I usually use two or more closely-spaced linedefs and give both front and back the desired texture. This gives the gate some depth, and it does not look like a 2-dimensional line. Make the line(s) impassable, and set up a switch to "open" the gate. The switch can be a wall switch (which the player has to use), or it can be a line that the player has to cross. Whichever trigger you use must activate a script, which will then clear the main texture of the gate and make it passable. You can set up a line on the other side that triggers another script, which then replaces the gate texture and makes it impassable again.

The problem with this approach is the visual aspect. The script makes the gate disappear, not rise (as is the case with a door). To take care of this issue you could use a wall switch that is set off to the side somewhere.

Post here if you need an example of a script.

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I have made transparent doors already for my total conversion, DeiM. You normally can't put a transparent texture on a door, because the inside of the door exists above the ceiling of the door sector. Anything above a ceiling or below a floor is void space, and DooM can not look through the void. This is why missing textures cause HOM.

You have to trick DooM into thinking that the door is solid, but that it does not contain void space. To do this, you must set up the door jambs as being part of one sector, and set up the door faces as being part of another sector. The lindefs of the jambs must have lower numbers than the faces of the door in order for this to work.

There is one problem with transparent doors. When the underside of the door rises above your eye level, the entire door appears to fill up with quasi-random garbage. The crud you see when the door rises above eye level is actually the ceiling from the underside of the door flooding the entire door sector. I usually deal with this problem by designing my door texture such that the transparent area is no longer visible when the bottom of the door reaches eye level.

I know that the more recent versions of BSP take transparent doors into consideration when they build the blockmap, so the door stays transparent above eye level. I believe you have to give it a tag within a specific value range. Using the later version/s of BSP should eliminate the door flooding altogether.

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Here I am pimping Doomworld for the second time in one day!


Glad to be of assistance :)
Have a nice day :)

(I think I just made myself sick)

By the way, you can also see a few examples of transparent doors in my StrifeDoom Partial Conversion:

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