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Edge's .DDF files.....

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I've got a folder full of .ddf files. I know I have to change them in order to change the game, but what do I do after I've changed these files ? Do I compile these files into some other file or what do I do ?

Please Help !

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Guest Fanatic

It's best to save them in a folder off your DOOM/DOOM2 folder.

For example:


Save your DDF's in the myddf folder.

Then run the game like this: edge -ddf myddf

You just use -ddf [folder name], it tells EDGE which DDF's to use.

You can also use the DDFINWAD utility to merge your DDFs into a WAD file, and you just load that with -file like a normal WAD, and it'll load the DDF lumps automatically.

Check http://edge.sourceforge.net for more info on the DDFINWAD utility.

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