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WadAuthor "tutorial" question

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Newby, using WadAuthor editor for first time. It seems real fine editor. (using on Win98/Athlon750/256mb).
WadAuthor has huge 1.5 meg "Help" file. (When you boot Windows and go to Wauthor directory, you see a "Help"-icon that is shaped like a book).
Anyway, that gigantic "Help" file has also in it, a Tutorial. And I want to print it out.
But when I open Wauthor "Help" (using Wordpad) all I see is pages n'pages of code. I'm no coder, so I cant read the gibberish (to find the part that's the Tutorial).
I guess I'm outta luck, huh?

Has anyone ever managed to reach in, and extract that Tutorial from the Wauthor Help file?
I tried printing it out (running Wauthor in Windows) but since its scattered around in Windows --- it eats up printing paper like crazy.

Has anyone ever written a tutorial for Wadauthor? I don't mean a "general tutorial" for all editors -- I mean one written for Wadauthor.
A PRINTED tutorial would save tons of mouse-clicking in Wauthor on-screen Help file (my poor mouse-finger's getting sore, heh heh).

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Don't open the help file using wordpad. Just double click on it.
Windows will open it properly in a format you can read and I assume print.

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Stphrz, thanx for reply.
When I did as you recommended, there was no option offered to "Print Tutorial". Wether u open the Tutorial or don't open it --- there is no "Print Tutorial" option. None in the Help file itself, and none in the Tutorial.

Knowing that, lemme elaborate a bit further......
The Tutorial is listed (along with tons of other files) in WadAuthor's huge 1.5meg "Help" file.
When u click on "Tutorial" (thus opening it) it presents you a list of all the chapters that are in it.
But, those Chapters are broken down into almost endless "sub-chapters". Each of which, contains only a TINY SLIVER of "info" (many, if not most only 1 or 2 lines long).
If u chase down, and print out each lil' "sliver" --- you could prolly go thru a 500 sheet pkge of printing paper in no time.

And, that's not the end of it.
After you've printed-out those countless sheets of paper (each with a tiny bit of info on it, some more some less) you now have to have to pick up your scissors/glue --- and cut n'paste the tiny bit of info (thats on each sheet) assembling them into one Tutorial. (If you don't, you'll have a Tutorial thicker'n' a New York City telephone book --each page having only a few lines).

Bottom Line:
There is no provision for printing the Tutorial in ONE printing operation.
Worse -- there is no provision for printing each of its Chapters in ONE printing operation.
That's why I posted, hoping some guru here might have found a way to do it.

Oh well, WadAuthor is still one superb editor. I can build an entire room (one sector) with a couple mouse-clicks! And join two sectors, with a mouseclick! Wow. Awesome.
Anyway thanx for your very kind interest.
And I hope you soon find yer "Fireworks"....heh,heh.

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Rick "Wild Man" Clark has a "WadAuthor Basics: Creating Complex Sectors" section in his ZDooM tutorial. You can find it at:

ZDoom Tech Page: http://zdoom.notgod.com/zdhtech /

I don't believe you can print out a single document (or even just a few) that contains WadAuthor's tutorials. However, this forum has tons of questions and answers pertaining to that editing utility. Furthermore, there are several people who visit this forum who are gurus at WadAuthor, so if you have a question you will most likely get an answer here.

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FRAGG said:

ReX, thanks for the info. I just now saw your post, 24 hr after you wrote it.
I downloaded the tutorial, and will study it.
Your kindness is much appreciated.
I like that sig.

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