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Help with textures....

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I am trying to make some new textures using the patches in Doom2 with Wintex, but whenever i try and start the level, doom just closes down. Its getting quite annoying, as the skies I edit work fine. Any help?

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I'm not sure what your problem is exactly. However, the general steps for using a new texture are as follows:

1. Create your graphic patch in a graphics editor (such as Photoshop, or even MS Paint). Note that a patch is different from a texture. A texture consists of one or more patches.

2. Use WinTex to insert your patch. You can either replace an existing patch or create a new patch. If you replace an existing patch, then all existing textures that use the patch will be changed as well.

3. If you've created a new patch in your PWAD then you'll also need to create a new texture in which to insert your patch, and name the texture. I've found WinTex to be somewhat erratic when creating or deleting textures. Therefore I use Deep97 (or you can use its more recent replacement, DeePSea).

Creating new patches/textures is not the easiest task. Therefore, I suggest that you replace existing patches instead of inserting new ones. Most levels never use the Wolfenstein textures (ZDoorB1, ZDoorF1, Zeldoor, ZZWolf 1-13), and can easily be replaced without being noticed. Additionally, if you're making a tech level you could replace the hell textures, and vice versa.

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