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Guest mewcat23

Questions about Edge

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Guest mewcat23

There is a way to play ipx multiplayer with edge without have the next version ? with another program or somethiing like that..

The use of edge.wad is because there are ddf in it, but ddfs is present too in the directory, can I delete edge.wad ? what is the file edge.scr ?

Can we make the monsters have reaction depends where we shoot him ? example we shoot a monster on the head and he dies immediatly or we shoot him in the knee and he loose her legs..

Thanks you!

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Guest Fanatic

No networking code is in EDGE 1.24, so no. You'll have to wait to play multiplayer with EDGE.

You must have the EDGE.WAD, but you can delete the loose DDFs (*.DDF, *.LDF, *.SCR, I think that's all that's in the seperate DDF package).

EDGE.SCR is the radius trigger script file for special events in DOOM and DOOM2, like killing the boss monsters in MAP07 of DOOM2, etc.

Monsters and shooting in certain body areas: no.

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Aw, and I was hoping for chatrooms with full peer-peer networking and a module thingy that can select any mod or ddf and use it, along with skins and automatic downloading of files to the people who don't have them (I know what your saying: "maybe in a few million years", don't worry im not that hot into multiplayer anyway.)

Yeah, all that junk is in the edge.wad, don't worry about it (the truely essential files are few in number really).

Locational damage would be a little fun but it would lose it's novelty in about 2 seconds - because it severely ShAtTeRs gameplay to pieces (gee, jsut shoot the cyberdemon in the head with a rocket and he dies, wohooo! ::sarcasm::).

(start of the out-of-place suggestion message)
What I was wondering about (logical question), is when the mlook and firing problems are going to be solved (maybe already, im using v1.23 because v1.24 locks up constantly for no reason). I mean when you look way up into the air and shoot it doesn't go where the cursor is (in fact it goes waaay above it, and vice versa for looking down too). Also when you shoot enemies below you with projectiles (like plasma gun) and they are really close, it hits the top of them and doesn no damage whatsoever (unless it has spray or explosive attack attached to it).

And are we going to have particle generation effects like quake and zdoom has? not a real priority (yeah, like im the one to set priorities), but if so I would want to change their colors at will.

(end of the out-of-place suggestion message)

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