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WadAuthor gods, please help me.

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How do you manually define sectors in WA? I mean, like you can in WadEd, with the SEC DEFINE gadget.

The problem is, I've just started getting to grips with WA, and I made two sectors, joined together. I drew a rectangle in one of them, and joined it to two of the linedefs, made the sector into a door, and it's all gone pear-shaped. The door sector is OK, but those either side are missing the door linedef.

Ummm... help.

And another question, specific to either WadAuthor or WadEd:
How, in either of these do you make invisible bridges? I've tried imitating directly the sector layout as seen in Plutonia, level 2 in WadEd, but when I run the WAD, all I get is a cold, hard boot back to DOS, with something having to be the same size as next block (Or whatever), as if I had a linedef that wasn't part of any sector.

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wildman said:

Use the edit raw data selection.

You don't even have to mess with that. Just right click on the linedef (or group of linedefs) and edit its properties. In the dialog box, there is a field where you can change the sector the lindef references.

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