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Malice Rancor

No floor selection

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Ok I just got done adding all my new Wall textures. But now I just noticed that when I look in the Advanced Menu, that "Edit Floors" can't be selected. Only "Edit Levels" and "Edit Textures" can be selected. I figured I could edit floors in the edit textures thing too, but I didn't see any listed


Also I just got an error message running this wad with my new textures along side with a level.

"R_AddSingleSpriteDef: too much sprite replacements (numspritelumps)"

"4 errors encountered during texture generation GetLastError=0"

"R_GenerateLookup: Column without a patch in texture RAIL_04"
"R_GenerateLookup: Column without a patch in texture RAIL_03"
"R_GenerateLookup: Column without a patch in texture RAIL_02"
"R_GenerateLookup: Column without a patch in texture BRICK_06"

* Yes those 4 textures it listed are real names of textures I used. *

4 errors.

It actually ran with Edge, but didn't use my .DEH file. Maybe it never did?

Said the same thing MBF said

I first ran it with Legacy so I didn't know what it was talking about, but now that I've seen the other Ports error messages.

I fixed the Rail problems, it didn't align them right, you know the part were you have to get both numbers to equal 0 0. But I don't know what is wrong with the Brick_06. When MBF displays it as an error, it says BRICK_06 and at the end has a weird looking "C" BRICK_06C, but its a strange looking one.

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Flats are basically the same as patches, except you don't have to make a list of all the new flats like you do with patches/textures.

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To expand on what he's saying:

Flats are the same as sprites in terms of how they work: you put in a sprite for an object, and when you place that object, that is the sprite you will see. So when you load a flat into your WAD, it's there - whatever name you load it under is what your editor will see in it's flat selection and that's what texture will be pasted on your floor. So if you make an entry under the "floors" section of you wad called YTTIW, whatever graphic you load for the YTTIW entry can immediately be placed in your map.

Textures are different in that you can place multiple patches on a single wall. The patches are the graphics you load into your patches section of the wad. The textures (under Edit Textures) are the entries that say where a patch is located on a particular wall. Patch names have nothing to do with texture names. When you create and name your texture, that is what will display in your editor and that is what you can use in your map. The patches are just graphics which the texture (which is really just an info lump) tells the game to place wherever you decide to place them.

I could probably simplify that but it's too much to read over again ;)

Oh, and never give a floor and wall texture the same name, sometimes it can screw up the editors. (I recall a problem with DeeP where it wouldn't show either the floor or texture when they were named the same.)

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Malice Rancor said:

"R_GenerateLookup: Column without a patch in texture BRICK_06"

I believe this means that the texture has a column, i.e. going from top to bottom, that has no patch in it. Check the texture to make sure you have it aligned so that it fills the whole area that you have defined. I had this problem once and found that the texture wasn't quite 128 wide so it didn't fill the area. I had to convert it to 64 wide.

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