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To Lutz

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I thought of a trick to simulate what you want to do.

Have it so when you cross the line to the sector you want to kill the player, it triggers a crusher in a dummy sector that lowers and explodes a whole load of barrels around a voodoo doll (i.e. a second player 1 start).

This trick has been used a number of times before, but not many people know about it, and I only just remembered it :)

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Or you could have a voodoo doll telefrag another voodoo doll... it would be much more awarding to see the player being ripped apart after touching the floor of the deadly sector (ie: from a large fall)... also, that effect is limited to only SP/COOP as there's no player1 in DM.

I had an effect in SacrificeDM2 where the player hits a switch and then a door nearby actually slides open and it was all done with a voodoo doll on a conveyor in a dummy sector with triggers... I had to remove it because it didn't work in DM... voodoo dolls and dummy sector scripting is fun in Boom/MBF/SMMU. :)

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