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Please help me

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Please help me with transparent doors, someone. I've got problems.

Basically, I can make a transparent door, but there's two things wrong with it,

o; There's HOM on the door jambs
o; You can see the ceiling of the door through the bars (As I've used MIDGRATE as the mid texture, Y-aligned to 128) when it's about 1/2 closed/opened.

How do I lose these problems? Basically, how I've made the door is, say there's 3 sectors, 0,1 and 2. 1 is the door. Now, both of the 'door' linedefs belong to sector 1, but the jambs belong to sector 2.

Sectors 0 and 2 have a floor of 0, where sector 1 has a floor of 1.

What else should I do?

BTW I know Doomworld has some tutorials on these kind of things, but the diagrams aren't too understandable, neither is the jargon.

Somebody please explain to me in language an idiot could understand ;)

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Okay, there are two sectors.

Sector 1 is the room, floor=0, ceil=128

Sector 2 is the door, floor=0, ceil=1 (important, there must be a gap)

Make sure the door jambs are actually sector 1 rather than 2.

The door itself still has to have four sides though, just make sure none of them are touching anything.

There is another method, which basically involves messing around with sidedef numbers, but I can't quite remember it right now.

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Yes, Doomworld does indeed have a tutorial on how to create transparant doors (http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/intro.shtml). Just study it a bit more closer than you've done so far :) Please note that the succesfull creation of a transparant door depends on the -nodebuilder- (not level editor) you are using to build your level. It must be said that transparant doors are the most difficult trick to create, at least judging by the email I've been getting over the years.

On a related note: a few weeks ago I've updated several sections of the Doomworld Editing Tutorials, to make things a bit more clearer.

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