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Playing sounds via ACS Script?

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Tormentor667 :

You can play them with this simple line.

AmbientSound ("DSCYBDTH", 127);
thingsound (TAG, "DSCYBDTH", 127);
** NOTE : 127 is the level sound (0 to 255).

But you must add the sound name "DSCYBDTH" to the Sndinfo.lmp if you want to play it from the game.
Like this one :

$AMBIENT 1 sndamb_1 point continuous 1.0

It very easy to add and play them !
Take a look on some ZDoom wads in CDROM.com and just check how they are. !

I know it's not the best tutorial but i can't explain it better for now.


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Most of the time you will not need to add anything to SNDINFO, because all the original sounds are defined in the SNDINFO lump included in zdoom.wad. Simply extract the SNDINFO lump and open it in a text editor, find the sound lump name you want and look at how Randy has defined it, then use that sound definition in your script.

For the example given - DSCYBDTH you will find the line in SNDINFO in ZDOOM.WAD:

cyber/death dscybdth

so what you need to have in your script is:

AmbientSound ("cyber/death", 127);

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