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How do I edit the texts in Doom2? (preferably without having to use a source port)

I want to change the text in the "congratulations #! you've found the secret level!..." screen.
i just don't know how to do it.
are theyt in a lump somewhwere that wintex can open?

help me!

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Changing the text involves editing the actual .exe, and to do this you need to get a program called DeHackEd, look for it under the Utilities section of Doomworld.

You can save the changes you make here as a .deh file (and you should distribute it as such), but to actually use them in the game you have to write to the .exe, so make sure you back it up before you start messing around.

It's worth noting that if you do decide to use a port, most of them let you use. deh patches simply by type "-deh x.deh" or "-dehacked y.deh" after the executable. Some (such as ZDoom) even let you insert a DEHACKED lump in the .wad.

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