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WadAuthor Manual

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I have compiled a PDF version of the help file for WadAuthor. You can get it from cdrom as soon as it gets to the newstuff folder. The file name is waman.zip (waman.txt).

I did not add any new content but did format it into a manual suitable for printing complete with table of contents. You'll need the (free) PDF Reader from Adobe.

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Guest fragg

Thank you very much, for converting the WadAuthor Helpfile so it can be printed out.

I feel stupid asking this, but I've never downloaded something like that before.
I went to www.cdrom.com/ (for first time ever) and moused around. Looking for something called "Newstuff" or waman.zip. No dice. The place is so HUGE.
Have you address that will take me right to file to be downloaded? Thank you.

BTW, I found the problem "why" I was having ghost walls in a huge sector (solution described in very last post in Thread).
Thank you for "long linedef" suggestion; it pointed me in right direction.

Briefly, the solution was ......
When "scaling-up" the size of ONE Sector -- keep EACH wall length "= or <" than 8192 (which is Max. sector-size WadAuthor can create). "Splitting linedefs" (of a wall) will NOT prevent ghosts if SUM of linedefs (of that wall) is > than 8192.

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I you log onto cdrom there is a folder called newstuff. Files that are uploaded to the incoming folder are put into this folder before being moved to their home folders. waman.zip hasn't been moved there yet, but keep checking, it'll be there soon.

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Guest Firebrand

It would be cool if someone could add the ZDOOM engine features to this manual for that everyone interested on know how to work with them can do it without troubles, sometimes it's somewhat diffcult to work on them...

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